How property developers make money

How property developers make money

Property developers in Australia are largely responsible for creating the best investment properties on the market in 2015. New real estate development projects in capital cities allow more and more people to live close to work and recreation opportunities.

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The demand for inner city living has resulted in a rush by property industry leaders to hunt out the best property project sites. Competition to buy the best home units and apartments is fierce, as locals and overseas investors try to buy in new projects in the best areas with the best value for money.

Developers make their money from buying sites for apartment projects in the best locations like inner suburban Sydney and Melbourne at the best price. They employ highly skilled designers and engineers to come up with designs for investment properties that will give them a high return in terms of the number of units to sell as well as buyer appeal.

Quite often, they sell their units to property insiders who have chosen to use property buying agents and advisors who keep in touch with the best property developers. That inside property knowledge helps investors and “in the know” owner occupiers to beat the crowds to new projects that may not ever reach the property for sale websites or real estate agent windows. Quite often insiders sell out an entire development.

For developers, the closed shop short circuit property industry keeps them in touch with keen cashed up buyers introduced by advisory services who in turn get first access to real estate in the best streets, latest unit designs and high end inclusions in projects that are often close to transport hubs.

Anyone looking to get one of the first choices of investment property for sale should get in touch with property industry professionals who work closely with property development leaders.

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