Accrue Real Estate Melbourne Investors Choice

When it comes to purchasing investment property in Melbourne where do you start?

You need to consider not only location but also future capital growth of your investment dollar, are you going to get the best or right advice from your local Melbourne real estate agent or just some options prepared on his or her hit list.

The real issue is that when you deal with a real estate agent you simply get presented a property that is a standard listing on their books, there is nothing special apart from the fact they have it listed and offer it for sale it is that simple.

At Accrue Real Estate we work hard on doing the research first helping you to find the right investment property in the right location and the right price with the aim of gaining higher capital gain returns on your investment, thats the Accrue Real Estate difference and benefit.

So if your thinking of investing in Melbourne Real Estate invest some research time first and contact Accrue Real Estate  you will be very happy with the outcome and end result.

Accrue 92 York St, South Melbourne VIC 3205

Phone:(03) 9696 0085

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